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There is no shortcut to greatness and that is why it is so rare and so inspiring when truly iconic figures like Mike Harris come along and re-shape industries. Mike is all about sustainable innovation and creating legacies that go on and on for generations. That DNA is perfectly captured in Mike's IconicShift. It is in the work he is doing to give 'first time entrepreneurs' the tools and belief they need to get started. It is also there when he mentors the business leaders of today and tomorrow as they aspire to become iconic in their own right.

Alastair Lukies, CBE founder of Monitise plc, Chairman of Innovate Finance and the Prime Minister's ambassador for FinTech

A huge number of entrepreneurs, business owners and innovators want to work with a mentor, but find it extremely hard to find one who is qualified and willing to help. Mike Harris saw this problem and created IconicShift to help people with really big, game changing ideas.

He has built three iconic billion pound businesses. First Direct, which transformed banking, Mercury Communications, that led the rapid change in telecoms in the early 1990s and Egg, which revolutionised banking again.

Watch Mike's story here and if you want further information  download Mike's bio