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100 Leaders

100 Leaders

I set myself a challenge when I launched IconicShift in January 2012 - that is to discover and develop 100 leaders who change the world.

It sounded crazy at the time - games worth playing often do - for me however it was a perfect challenge - a really exciting game to play - win or lose. After all even one leader who changed the world wouldn't be  a bad outcome would it?

Yet setting the challenge at 100 keeps me on my toes , keeps me innovating, looking for new ideas, keeps me creating.

So how am I doing ? Well what 2012 taught me so far is that if I choose the participants well this programme has world changing potential. Every one of the 10 businesses I'm working with at the moment has world changing potential and they have all moved forward a lot this year. It's as much to do with  the way they interact with and take inspiration and support from each other as it is with my coaching. But the combination of the two seems to have enough raw power to create iconic world changing businesses.

So then it's a matter of bandwidth - how many people can I influence/support without damaging quality? Well in 2013 I'm going to hit my maximum bandwidth of 28 simultaneous businesses on the programme. Let's imagine people stay on the programme for an average of 2 years that means I'll work with just over 100 businesses in 10 years.

It's too much to hope that all of them change the world so I need some leverage.

Well some of the people on the programme are looking to license IconicShift so they can deliver it to clients. I'm looking to see how I can make that work. That's some leverage.

I'm also collaborating with other incubator /accelerator programmes (3 so far) and with some active investors in world changing businesses to help leverage their programmes and there's plenty more to come on that. In fact I'm working on creating what I'm calling the 100 leaders alliance. Cool eh!

100 world changers in 10 years suddenly doesn't feel quite so crazy.

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