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A few words about leadership

A few words about leadership

Leadership is about making something new and different  happen, something  that  simply wouldn't happen without you.You don't have to have people working for you to be a leader. You can be working on your own and still be a leader as long as your agenda is to make something new and different happen.

What is often unappreciated about leadership is that success depends to a large degree on how you deal with problems and with the unpredictability of life.We often make the absurd assumption that things will go to plan. They never do - we are constantly confronted by unexpected difficulties , things we could never have anticipated. Sometimes it's just bad luck. At other times we are often overwhelmed by the amount of things we need to get done and how difficult everything has become; we find results we expected to get fall short. We find things we expected to work which don't. We find people we thought we could count on letting us down.

What's also unappreciated is that none of this ever gets any easier.In fact the opposite is true - the more successful you are the more issues you have to face and the issues are bigger and hairier and they come at you faster and in greater volume. Being successful has many compensations , but an easier ride as a leader isn't one of them.

We spend a lot of time on  high performance leadership in the mentoring sessions. High performance means getting results with speed and resilience whatever issues you are facing.



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