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Game Changers 2012

Game Changers 2012

What intrigued me about the class of 2012 Game Changers, shown here after an intensive 2 day session in July 2012, was how a number of coherent themes emerged as the year progressed and how that turned a group of individual entrepreneurs into a powerful team who feel that  they can not only build valuable individual businesses but that together they can change the world.

I hadn't really seen these themes when the class first came together. To me they were , at first, a group of extraordinary people with game changing, potentially world changing ideas. I had hoped some level of group synergy would emerge, a synergy that would to some degree offset the fact that in the group sessions I was having to split my time between 12 businesses, not just focus on one as had been usual for me.

I was completely unprepared for the dramatic level of synergy and mutual support  which did emerge. One of the things that helped this was the fact I used my wife (Sue)  and son (Matt) to help with the coaching. They are both skilled at teaching people the great art of Perfect Pitch- both having lots of professional experience in communication and both having helped me run numerous Perfect Pitch workshops outside of the Iconic Shift programme.

My son also adds an expertise in marketing and business strategy and my wife adds something equally valuable: the creation of a supportive and nurturing atmosphere which gives the whole thing something of a familly feel.

So that's one reason that an extraordinary level of synergy emerged. The other was an unexpected coherence in themes; that is a coherence in the areas of human experience the individual members of group were attempting to transform.

This group is tackling:

  • Sustainable Prosperity:
    • global banking and trading infrastructures, aimed at bypassing the recurrent crises (and credit crunches) inevitable in the globalised banking and currency systems post the financial meltdown of 2008
    • training, support, design and funding infrastrucures for the army of enlightened, entrepreneur driven SMEs which will be needed to create meaningful work and economic well being as employment in large companies continues its long term decline
    • Use of renewable resources to fuel growth, including clean energy
  • A new paradigm for health and well being:
    • methodologies for objective and scientific measurement of how healthy someone is (this is not measurement of risk factors for developing disease, but instead: a scale of well being)
    • nutritional and other treatment plans aimed at increasing the level of health and well being
    • a new understanding of where much disease comes from, covering both internal and environmental factors
    • new materials and new strategies aimed at reducing the effect of harmful environmenal factors
    • the overall effect of all of this could be to radically reduce the costs of government funded health care going forward
  • Global Societal Coherence
    • early intervention methodogies  to prevent welfare dependence and youth disaffection
    • methodolgies to help people to deal quickly with with societally destructive  emotional tramas as they happen (eg divorce, redundancy)
    • use of design to connect people to their core identity
    • use of entrepreneurship to demonstrate  the best of African, Muslim and Western cultures and showcase the learning each can take from the others

I set out with Iconic Shift to discover and develop 100 leaders who change the world. This lot will do a pretty good job on their own!

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