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Leaders Changing the World : No 1 Kemi Laniyan

The first  leader I want to feature who is setting out to change the worlds is Kemi Laniyan.

Kemi is African and her idea is to create a major African sourced fashion house in London. Kemi believes there are many undiscovered genius designers in small villages in Africa who with a bit of help could bring the beauty and vibrancy of Africa into every woman's life. I've seen enough of these designs myself to know how gorgeous women (whatever their shape, size and age)  can look in these designs. Kemi needs to work with the designers to make their clothes practical to wear in western climates and social situations without losing the African authenticity and vibrancy. She's had  a great brand designed - the name is Ilorin.

Kemi has no fashion experience , but she's learning fast and she's comforted by the fact that most industries are transformed by newcomers. She's passionate about transforming the world's perception of Africa. Everybody's scrambling to get a piece of Africa's natural resources. Kemi wants the world to recognise the genius of the African people and what they have to offer to the world.

Kemi has an MBA and has already  built a successful business based on letting  flats in central London. Her offer to landlords is that if you spend a bit of money on making your property beautiful to live in you get a much higher rent. Kemi has build a team to take this business forward while she concentrates on the fashion business.

Take a look at  the desirable homes website. 


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