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Leaders Changing the World: No 2 John Maffioli

Leaders Changing the World: No 2 John Maffioli

What if every entrepreneur with a game changing idea  who needed advice could get it from others who had been there and done that and knew precisely what was needed.

What if angel investing actually became a game changer in its own right, rather than the frequent disappointment it is now, for both the investor and the entrepreneur.

John Maffioli has created FE BE to do just that .

John left his job at Ernst and Young less than a year ago and   has taken on this world changing initiative. FE BE  is an elite network designed by entrepreneurs who are already game changers in their industries to serve the needs of new, upcoming , potentially game changing entrepreneurs. He has persuaded me to be Chairman.

The idea of FE BE is that an entrepreneur with the right idea and the right qualities will be able to find a mentor who will become an angel investor . The game changer is FE BE co-invest, a fund designed by successful entrepreneurs to meet the needs of upcoming entrepreneurs   and which can be invested alongside angels. 

Angel investing often  fails because just as businesses get going they need a further tranche of investment beyond the capacity of angels. Venture funding is either not avaiable or comes with so many strings the entrepreneur baulks at it. Many a potentially great business runs out of steam at this point or soon afterwards.

If John can sort that out he will indeed have changed the world of British entrepreneurship.

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