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Leaders Changing the World no: 4 Suzannah Bartlett

Leaders Changing the World no: 4 Suzannah Bartlett

Suzannah specializes in the design of small livingspaces.

With the rapidly increasing urbanization of the global population an increasing number of people are living in small spaces and facing challenges of fitting both their lives and their possessions into that space.

Good design advice can transform a small space from the proverbial 'shoebox' into a jewelry box where there is space and a place for everything, Good design can make small homes desirable and this in turn offers individual, economic, social and environmental benefits.

Suxannah is  creating an online design solution to address these problems; helping people fit-out and kit-out their small homes to do just that, maximize space.

Suzannah says "I know how hard it is to design small living spaces: I have run a property business for 10 years and have converted many buildings into small flats. I have then managed the tenants living in these flats gaining insight into the challenges of small space living. I also have first hand experience, having lived in a one bedroom flat with my husband and baby: with good design and clever products we made it a perfectly workable and comfortable home without compromising on style.

However, small homes can feel cramped, cluttered and claustrophobic, and all too often we blame the lack of space rather than the lack of good design. So we move further out, often trading location for space without necessarily enhancing quality of life. Longer commutes, expensive travel costs, higher energy bills, and moving away from our community can all impact heavily on our everyday lives. But such a move may not be necessary if we could learn how to maximize the space that we have."

Suzannah's online platform offers an affordable online design service delivered remotely and a product platform for compact products.

 - The design service offers customized design packages (for consumers and businesses) delivering floor plans and specifications for fit-out, furnishings and finishes.

-  And the product platform offers a hub for well-designed compact products ranging from stackable or foldable utensils to multifunctional furniture.

Upwards of 40m people live in London, Paris, New York, Honk Kong and Tokyo and it is expected that 70 percent of the world population will be urban by 2050.By using this platform she aims to help 1m people transform their small homes within the next 7 yrs.

There are numerous advantages to making small homes desirable: to the individual they offer freedom and flexibility; on an economic level small homes are cheaper to build, buy, and run; on an environmental level they take up less space and consume fewer resources; and on a social level the smaller the home, the more activities are conducted out in the community which can ultimately shift the dynamic of society.





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