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Leaders Changing the World no 5 : Niki Ram

Leaders Changing the World no 5 : Niki Ram

Niki Ram is the  ex-founder of Habachat. A local one stop information destination portal for all cities and towns across Canada. The platform was created solely with the local citizen and consumer in mind.

Prior to that, she spent a number of years internationally working for CNBC business television.

But, it was her time at the House of Commons as a lobbyist, that gave her deep insight into local politics and citizen advocacy groups. She saw that many important local causes with global impact that were being ignored.

So she decided to create Woord. Woord is a social catalyst movement for change. It empowers people and organizations to speak up about the issues affecting them and their communities.

It empowers them by providing alternative solutions from all areas of society. These solutions are applied to the issue which positively transforms life in the local area. Woord then publicises sucesses to like minded individuals, who in turn propel these meaningful collaborative solutions in a way which garners global attention. Woord is the ultimate instigator of social change. Our chief aim is leave people feeling heard.

Niki fundamentally believes that identifying global issues felt on a local level, and tackling them whilst they are small, local and contained will be game changing. And revolutionize our approach in how we mend global issues.


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