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Leaders Changing the World no 6: Miti Ampoma

Miti Ampona has been one of the stand out  success stories of the 2013 IconicShift mentoring intake.

She has developed a growing repututation in her field and is a sought after speaker, consultant and commentator. Her recent interview with Vince Cable, shown above,  is one example of her  influence.

Here is what she has to say about her ambitions:

"I help organisations focus on human communication in a world where technology and process is dominating at the expense of relationships with employees and customers.

Whilst technology is great it is also proving its downsides. We are more connected than ever, but not to each other. We constantly interact on multiple devices yet when it comes to interacting with humans it can be more difficult. We are in danger of human communication being disrupted rather than being enabled by the cleverness of technology. I passionately believe we are built for human relationships. It is our interdependency and a true connection with others that makes us feel valued, helps us flourish and makes us commercially successful.  We must protect this.

I've been in the world of leading transformational business communication programmes in FTSE 100 companies for more than 15 years. For example, from October 2010 to March 2012, I led a major change and transformation communication programme to enable RBS Insurance, as part of its wider strategy, to be fit for purpose and ready for sale, to meet the European Commission's divestment conditions, set for bailing out RBS in the banking crises.

I find that as companies get bigger, they find it harder and harder to communicate in a way people understand. And since its people who generate the value, if these businesses aren't talking to them in a language they understand, they are literally throwing away their value! Are you in a company where as an employee, you or your customers feel weary from the soulless way in which you are communicated with, driven by impersonal technology?


My solution is a 5 step communication process which I've developed for dramatically improving human communication in large organisations. I'll assess the size and scope of your problems and agree your key priorities to create an effective communication programme. This is followed by a detailed communication strategy which defines responsibilities, content and actions with measurements and evaluation at each stage.


This was the programme I ran at RBS and it was credited for fully engaging employees to work incredibly hard on behalf of the company, which in turn increased customer satisfaction and profits at a time of great uncertainty, when many of the employees were earmarked for redundancy. My communication programme was an award nominee and finalist of the RBS Group Continuous Improvement and Innovation Awards in recognition of its significant contribution to the organisations success.


With my level of experience and contacts, I'd like to create an innovative communication centre of excellence in the next five years, to provide a range of training programmes, generating £2 million a year. I plan to become the 'go to' person for strategic advice to help blue chip companies transform their businesses, generating a further £1 million. I'm also planning to have innovative communication taught in the top 10 business schools in the world"


Yet another leader changing the world.




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