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Mentoring progress report

It's 20 months since the mentoring programme started.  I was looking to mentor people with ideas  that would fundamentally and powerfully impact on the nature and quality of human experience.

That's a challenging task at the best of times. Of course I'm not satisfied with just 1 or 2 ideas like that I want to work on lots simultaneously .

So I work with 2 groups of 12 . the first group known as Game Changers have been working with me for 20 months now. In this blog I let them speak for themselves about what's happened so far.

You can see from watching the video that we are all pretty satisfied with what's happened so far. Watch this space for fireworks next year.


There have been a few key things I've learned:

1. IconicShift works! The architecture and working in groups of 12  actually gets results. I didn't know if it would when I started , so the first year was a pilot.

2. The group work is  a lot more powerful than the one to ones. That's a surprise but the synergy and mutual support in the group has been extraordinary. One to ones have been a bit more mundane - generally advice on a specific topic - like a business plan or a deal or a marketing campaign. The big breakthroughs have happened in the group. 

3. The key thing with a big transformational vision is to give people a way to hold it, without it weighing them down. A step by step approach to strategy  that chunks down a 100 year vision to a set of actions this year and specifically this quarter has been a spectacular success and has allowed people to believe that, however big their idea,  spectacular achievement is not only possible but in fact likely.

4. Within IconicShift there are  a whole set of business design and implementation tools which embody 7 fundamental principles. It's vital to keep explaining the principles and how the tools embody them. The tools need practice, practice, practice.

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