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The characteristics of an iconic brand

The characteristics of an iconic brand

One thing I'd argue is that you don't have to be famous globally to be iconic. For example, while Egg was voted one of the top 10 internet brands in the world in 1999, my businesses have been famous with consumers only in the UK, albeit their influence on their industries was global.

Further to that, I'd suggest that to be iconic you have to:

  • have a purpose beyond money - a cause to which others can rally
  • provide a brand experience that stands out from the crowd and gives emotional as well as rational benefits
  • be a symbol of excellence to which others aspire
  • have admirers, and you often have detractors (iconic brands polarise people!)

The most iconic brands of all time have all of that and more: they are famous with consumers globally, instantly recognisable and somehow a shining, technicolor representation of their time.

With that in mind,  my personal selection of the top 20 iconic brands, started with Apple and ended with Virgin.

To see what came in between - take a look at the complete article.

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