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Find Your Lightbulb is a book about innovation and entrepreneurism written by Mike Harris in 2007 and is available at Amazon.

The ideas in the book were  used by Find Your Lightbulb Ltd (of which Mike Harris is Chairman)  as  the starting point for development of the intellectual property which underpins IconicShift.

The intellectual property was jointly created by the four shareholders of the company , each of whom had a specialist skill which was needed to create a teachable, full function approach to business strategy and implementation.

The IconicShift material has been continually enhanced since then and the material has now   used by over 60 companies.

Find Your Lightbulb Ltd  is responsible for running the IconicShift  workshops and mentoring programmes.  The people we use in delivering workshops and in our mentoring programmes are described in this document.


We take privacy and confidentiality seriously and only the only personal information we process is about our clients. This information comprises contact details of executives and any business information the company has chosen to share with us in support of our work with them.

This information is only shared with third parties if we are requested to do so by a client.

Clients may request details of what we hold about them any time by emailing or speaking to  their normal Find Your Lightbulb contact. We will always delete any information on request.


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