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Onur Ibrahim joined IconicShift to find a new way of providing advertising services, but instead was inspired to found a new type of digital agency - Commino - that wants to change the way advertising agencies work.

A broken model

Onur was working at an advertising agency when he joined an IconicShift mentoring programme. His initial aim was to find a new way of providing advertising services, with the hope that he could influence change in the industry from the inside.

Onur said: "Being on IconicShift made me realise that the agency model as we know it is broken. Advertising businesses are not structured to support their clients. Agencies are built to only make money when they over resource internal staff. Once I came to this conclusion I resigned from my agency job and started Commino."

A new way

Commino is a new type of digital agency, that wants to change the way companies and agencies work together and create value. Commino lives to help its clients acquire customers at a lower cost, retain more customers and drive measurable levels of loyalty - by positioning and communicating its clients' products, services and brands as a useful and important part of their customers' lives.

"Our aim is to provide true value and start with the end customer first in all dealings. Our clients always feel like they are totally taken care of. Most other advertising agencies think very differently. They only make money by keeping their staff busy and working them to the grindstone. Most agencies do not think far beyond the customer acquisition and awareness generation phases and don't try to understand their clients' business needs or how the end customer will find value in the deliverable.

"Our business model allows us to see and plan further ahead, this allows our clients to remain further ahead of the competition."

Innovative, profitable, focussed

"Working with Mike and learning the IconicShift methodology has helped me to plan and tackle business planning and strategy. I have been able to articulate my business purpose clearly and realise it through a clear roadmap. I no longer lack innovative ideas to keep my business ahead of the competition. I know how to clearly and purposefully separate ends from means and deliver on them whilst balancing the emotions, logic and effort required to maintain leadership and prioritise activities.

"Commino went from zero to profitable and employing six contractors all within 12 months of working with IconicShift and as a result of implementing the IconicShift architecture. I have no shortage of new customers and partnerships with people that want to work with my company. IconicShift has shown me how to be more focussed and spend my time on the things that really matter whilst delegating other tasks to the right people."

For more information: Commino.co.uk