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Insize is a new concept in urban living. It aims to revolutionise conventional city life by helping people make better use of their space to have a better life. Its plan is to deliver this via an online platform that combines cutting edge remote design with the best innovative products that will save and create space.


Changing the way we live

Suzannah Bartlett joined an IconicShift mentoring programme in 2013 with the start of an idea: "Before IconicShift I was running my property management business with a small team of three. It was running well, though I had no firm plans to grow the company. I also had an idea for an online product and design resource for people living in small spaces. I'd had a feeling for a long time that the way people were living and the way that we use space was changing.


"At the time I didn't have confidence in myself or my idea to get it off the ground - I didn't think it would succeed on the programme. But I remember the very first session and thinking to myself - I'm in the right place."


The iconic process

IconicShift helped Suzannah understand how a small concept could develop into a game changing idea - Insize.


"IconicShift inspired me to look at everything in a different way. It changed my perception of what was possible - and that really has been the biggest benefit to me. Incredible things have happened. It's given me the confidence to go and talk about my business in different circles of people who already run big businesses."


And it wasn't just Suzannah's idea that grew. She used the IconicShift principles on her existing business, Pillar Property Management, and it is now growing, with a firm vision for the future.


"IconicShift has totally shifted my mindset on the property business. I was thinking of scaling it down because it took up so much of my time, but now we are on track to double the turnover in the next year. The team is really excited, engaged and we are increasing the profitability of our clients."



The prototype Insize platform will launch in May 2017 to test the solution, ideas and the market. Suzannah is also building her profile as a leader in this space and raising awareness of compact living: "IconicShift has been a real springboard for me. I had a small concept and it grew into a much bigger idea and now into a global concept.


"The IconicShift group dynamic was fantastic. It went beyond just going to the mentoring sessions - and the contact group it created was incredible. But, the most important aspect of IconicShift is Mike - he can relate his own business experience to his teaching, which brings it to life and makes it real. The group work he facilitates focuses on the participants' individual businesses making it directly relevant. My life would have been very different if I hadn't taken part."