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Intelligent Partnership

Intelligent Partnership is a leading provider of education on alternative investments. It turned to IconicShift when a regulation change meant it needed a new business model.

The challenges of a changing marketplace

Intelligent Partnership was a successful training provider in the alternative investment sector when a change in the regulatory system made its old business model impossible - hitting the turnover hard.

Intelligent Partnership's Managing Director Guy Tolhurst: "I was looking for a mentor and a guide to help because I had to turn the business 180 degrees. We needed direction, support, a leadership structure and I wanted help to put some business architecture in place. And then I heard about IconicShift."

Becoming a mission-led company

Intelligent Partnership started on an IconicShift mentoring programme in March 2013 and for Guy, one of the most important aspects it teaches is to have a Purpose Beyond Money: "One of the main things we took out of IconicShift was becoming a mission led business.

"Defining a significantly differentiated value proposition is also a very strong area for me and how to deliver a consistent brand experience. The architecture that forms around those ideas forms the basis of everything we do."

Growing. Merging. Thriving.

Intelligent Partnership is now a thriving business. Turnover has risen 100 per cent year on year since it joined IconicShift and it is now part of a group of three small businesses. The number of employees has grown from five to 17, the number of investment providers it works with has increased from less than 10 to 250 and it now has an active community of 6,000 financial advisers.

"We've completely turned the business around. We organise events across the country, publish a range of industry reports, have a highly praised awards event in the venture capital space and we are working with policy makers to help shape the industry. All things that if we didn't have a purpose beyond money we wouldn't be able to do.

"Our customer retention is much better because of the principles of IconicShift - people do business with us for the right reasons because we've given them a consistent brand experience. We have a more empowered workforce - they buy into the vision of what we creating. And we have a better infrastructure to allow us to innovate at the right pace.

"People say things to us like 'it's great to feel part of something. We really admire what you trying to achieve and we see real value in working with you'. People are getting the purpose beyond money, they are not saying thanks for getting 50 people at an event. They feel they are part of what we are trying to achieve. And our customers say 'you guys seem to be one step ahead and always round the corner in terms of where things are going' - and that comes from our ability to innovate quickly - which doesn't come unless you have the right business architecture and a clear mission."