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Medivet is a veterinary group of nearly 170 practices across the UK. Originally created as a partnership - it started working with IconicShift in 2015 when it created a new five-year plan.


An evolving business

When Medivet created its new five-year plan in 2015 the senior partners realised the business would need to change.


Arnold Levy, Medivet CEO: "We were looking at the issues we would face if we grew into a much larger business, especially if we ultimately looked to the capital markets in the longer term. We discussed what we should do in various partner meetings and decided we needed an external advisor to help us organise the business - essentially we needed a healthcheck. We had heard about IconicShift and decided to consult with Mike."


A substantial impact

Medivet had its first IconicShift workshop in late 2015 and it had an immediate and substantial impact on the company.


"What was put to us at that initial workshop made eminent sense. Having an external advisor took away most of the concerns we were all feeling. We had discussed having a board and CEO before, but it had been a difficult decision. IconicShift showed us how most companies in the commercial world were organised and what we needed to do for people to understand our structure and plans, because if people don't understand you they are not going to be interested in you. We took Mike's advice because it made total sense and helped us achieve what we wanted to achieve.


"IconicShift has helped put our business into a state fit for purpose for our size. It helped get a strong consensus in the leadership team of what we were going to do and put in place the structures we needed for the market to understand us as a business. The Road Map and list of accountabilities also made an enormous difference to us."


Future growth

"IconicShift has helped us grow at a much faster pace and we have been able to more than double in size in a year and a half. And in the future we are aiming to grow significantly. We have a clarity of purpose, focus and direction.


"It has also improved morale in the business right across the chain. It has created opportunities and people are feeling they have a good career path in Medivet.


"Growth has also allowed us to look after staff better. It has generated an excitement in the business, a buzz, and not just in the management.


"And for me it was fantastic and it remains useful. I want to continue to get the advice and experience because it comes from a person who has done it before - Mike's track record and credentials were invaluable."