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Redington is an independent investment consultant to pension funds and other long-term savings institutions. It turned to IconicShift to help plan for the future as it became increasingly successful.


Managing growth

In 2012 Redington was six years old and becoming increasingly successful with 50 staff and an impressive client base. Founder Robert Gardner joined an IconicShift mentoring group to help the company take its next steps: "We were good at what we were doing, but there is an art and a science in running a company and we wanted some advice on taking the company forward. We had created a new strategic plan - but we needed the architecture to support it."


Over the course of 2013 Robert went on the IconicShift mentoring programme, but it become clear that the whole leadership team needed to be involved and various members attended IconicShift sessions over the next couple of years.


A renewal of the company

While going through the IconicShift process Robert and co-founder Dawid Konotey-Ahulu decided to change the governance structure and bring in a CEO - Mitesh Sheth.


He used IconicShift right from the start: "IconicShift has been a bridge and a language for the founders to hand over to the new management. On the third or fourth day of becoming CEO we had a workshop with Mike and the new management team, and we went back to the beginning, had the founders talk about their vision and what Redington could do to support those over the next 10 years.


"We came up with a Game of getting 100m people financially secure and created a Road Map for the next 12 months to start to build the capabilities, culture and platform we needed."


The future

Redington now employs around 100 people and is looking to expand without losing the vision or entrepreneurial spirit of its founders.


Mitesh Sheth said: "IconicShift has helped align the company. I share the game with customers and they love it because it shows them why we doing things and what we do then makes sense to them.  The Game also helps with recruitment and it's amazing how talent engages with it. People want to know what it means, how it's going to work and how they can help."


Robert Gardner said: "Back in 2013 I was struggling to see how to achieve what I wanted to with Redington. We had launched RedSTART, which had the aim of tackling the problem of inadequate financial education for young people in the UK and beyond, and IconicShift gave me the clarity to see how it all worked together. It helped me tap into my passion and our clients can see that passion - our purpose beyond money is genuine."