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Wealth Wizards

Wealth Wizards is a FinTech start-up providing automated, regulated, pensions and financial advice to individuals and companies. It used the IconicShift architecture to make sure it built the right foundations for its business.

Getting it right - right at the start

Wealth Wizards wants to make financial advice affordable and accessible to everyone. It does this by putting together the best-in-class software engineering with technical expertise to create its unique automated or robo-advice platform.

But, when the company was formed in 2009, founder and chief executive Andrew Firth knew they needed the right foundations: "We had learnt from previous start-ups that getting the fundamentals right early on was very important. And I think Mike is world class at starting with an idea and knowing what to do to turn that into a business.

"It's that really early stage, when you say 'this a brilliant idea and there's a market opportunity' - how do you create the company that can take advantage of that? Mike almost makes it feel likes its intuition but it isn't - there are literally thousands of start-ups up and down this country and across the world that don't have the knowledge or processes to turn a good idea into a business."

Attention to detail

The four founders of Wealth Wizards worked intensively with IconicShift for a year as part of a group mentoring programme and the company now schedules customised workshops as and when they are needed.

"One of the most powerful things in IconicShift is that it forces you to put the design work in at the start. People think a start-up is a bit more loose, a bit more out there in the wild west, but the reality is you have to be really precise in the design and what you are trying to do.

"Because you've only got so much money - if you spend too much on stuff taking you in the wrong direction you might not get a second chance. And IconicShift makes you work through that detail and that is such an important discipline."

The market leader

Wealth Wizards now has 60 employees, a turnover of £2.5 million and is established as the market leader of robo-advice in the UK.

"We have a vision, a purpose, a game and the whole IconicShift business architecture. But for us, one of the most powerful aspects was getting the purpose and our values clear. I think you don't realise how important these are going to be until you recruit people. When you go from 10 people to 60, and that's still a small company, it is fundamental to aligning people to the business. Because if you want the right people it's not enough to tell people who you are, you need to say why you are doing it, what you want them to do and how you want them to behave."