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High Performance Workshop

Workshop Benefits

  • Get 4 hours of insight and coaching about high performance leadership; that is getting results with resilience and speed
  • Get a new perspective on why some people are more effective than others at getting things done
  • Get  tools that are effective and usable immediately;it's taken Mike 40 years to make them this simple without losing any power
  • Work on current issues facing your business:

                   - on the court coaching from Mike during the workshop
                    -produce an acceleration plan for your business during the workshop

  • High Performance toolkit to take away with you, containing processes to deal effectively with almost any issue you are likely to face
"I just wanted to thank you enormously for the High Performance Leadership worshop you gave recently. 
Having got back from the workshop and started to use the tools you taught, I thought I'd wait and see how I got on.
Well, I can say that these tools are some of the most valuable things I have learned, ever.  I have been using the tool every day at the beginning and end,  to check in and review where 'I'm at'. It gives me the clarity and focus I'm looking for."

John McDougle

Anderson Mackinnon Ltd